OutVentures Refund Policy

MEMBERSHIPS Membership(s) may be canceled at any time.

Membership dues will be refunded up to 60 days after the join date.

Couples memberships that "separate" after joining will be expected to pay for a singles memberships at thier next anniversary date(s).

Single members who become a couple after they join can convert to a "couples membership" at either one of their next anniversary dates...who ever's comes first.

TRIPS Deposits and payments for trips or events are "generally" refundable up to the stated "no-refunds-after" date or the date at which OutVentures makes a deposit and/or payments for the trip/event, whichever comes first.

Refunds are always subject to any specific instructions given in the trip description.

A credit card refund processing fee of $25 plus 3% of trip/event cost may be applied to your refund.

Most deposits or payments for trips/events are generally transferable to any other current OutVentures member; unless the nature of the trip prevents it (plane ticket, train ticket...).

If there is a "wait list" payments will be offered/transferred to those members first; then either the member needing to cancel or the Trip Leader, or both, can endeavor to find a replacement. 

Even though every effort will be made to fill any/every spot that needs to cancel after a deadline; OutVentures cannot guarantee that a replacement can or will be found; and each participant will be held to full payment if they must cancel after the stated deadlines.

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